Carmen Fontaine Designs

Handcrafted gifts, jewelry, & watercolors of quality, originality, & economy

Why us?

Not only are our products attractive and affordable, they are also unique AND practical. 

Take our "cake card" above. It not only provides a lovely encasement for a monetary wedding gift, but each layer can be easily disassembled and used as its own charming little box--practical as well as unique. You are unlikely to find anything quite like our products, and especially at our prices!

Take a leisurely stroll through the store. You're sure to find gifts for that person who appreciates the handmade touch and is pleasantly surprised by practicality and uniqueness. 

When it comes to gifts, do not forget yourself! You, too, deserve a little something for all those things you do that no one else really knows or properly appreciates. And at our prices, you need not even feel guilty for treating yourself to what you deserve!