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It's Raining Crafts!

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Whoever said that the Internet was addictive wasn't just whistling Dixie. Without parameters, such as a specific goal, time limit, etc., it's so easy to lose oneself for hours. Here's how part of my Internet day went.

In addition to checking into facebook (hereafter, FB) to make sure all my FB friends were alive and well, I decided to seek out answers to some of my more technical crafting questions--ones I doubted my FB friends could answer. (Food, now that's a different story!) These technical questions included ways to translate a file of one format into another that could be read by particular software. I found the answer at what looked to be a very good blog associated with technology I'm currently enthralled with: Silhouette's Cameo and Design Studio software. For some reason I had to register with Yahoo before I could post on the site. I hope I will not live to regret that decision!

While trying to open the troublesome file--the one I wished to convert--I noticed a software program I didn't know I had, much less what it was for. So, I began checking that out. It turned out to be a program to help choose color schemes. Since I have a pretty good eye when it comes to color, I decided there was little need and continued on my Internet journey. By the way (aka, BTW), if you haven't already, check out" target="_blank">Adobe's KULER. Not only is it a useful program related to color schemes, but a lot of fun.

Speaking about color, here's a factoid you may or may not know. I'm sure you've heard people say, "it's pink" when they're talking about something that's clearly magenta. You figure they're not paying sufficient attention. It turns out there is a gene (maybe more than one) responsible for discriminating colors. People without this gene (primarily males), are physically unable to see fine distinctions between colors. So while the "it's pink" guy may seem disinterested, it's highly probable that, for him, it's either red, orange, purple, or pink. He actually cannot see the nuances that others who have this color discrimination gene do. Hopefully, you've just learned something new and interesting.

Happy surfing. Until next time...

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