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New technology provides the ability to turn a regular photograph, such as seen here,  into a "painting."

Click here to see an entire Carmen Fontaine website dedicated to this technology.

3D PAPERWARE: Unique "Cards"

This "wedding cake card" is actually three boxes stacked one atop the other. The bottom box holds the actual card, which may contain a monetary gift (cash, check, gift card). Since the boxes are held together with temporary tape, they can be disassembled and used for storage of odds and ends. 


Boudoir Bin

These miniature waste baskets are the perfect size to tuck next to your bed, in your car, or any other small space that cries out for a spot to discard dry trash--including spots within a craft room! Getting up to deposit a gum wrapper into a trash can on the other side of the room is tantamount to not having a remote for the TV. It's very inconvenient if you're into some activity and have to interrupt it for a trip to the trash. Although originally conceived for the "boudoir," these little paper containers can be placed anywhere you need them. When not made from heavy cardstock, they are reinforced with extra panels (sometimes, chipboard) to ensure sufficient sturdiness. They also accommodate liners including plastic shopping bags--a good way to recycle them.


Boudoir Beams

These little lamps provide a perfect night light and can rest on any surface out of harm's way, (e.g., curious little fingers or paws)! While the overall shape remains the same, their size, color, and style can all be customized to suit your decor needs.


Boudoir Bamboozle Box

You will not be the only one "bamboozled" by this innocent, sweet-looking box. Unwanted snoopers will be too. The openings in the lid are intended to allow fragrance stored inside such as potpourri or scented powder, aromatize your boudoir. "Where is that lovely smell coming from?" you (or others) might ask. "Why, it's coming from my little boudoir box," you might reply. Given, this isn't much of a bamboozlement, but another part is! The bottom of the box is a removable piece of paper which when pulled up, reveals a hidden door. Open this door and voila, any valuable you choose to stash within is concealed in plain sight. What burglar, for example, would expect to find valuables hidden away in a secret compartment in a paper box? And although it's possible, we seriously doubt the thief class will be perusing this site looking for unique gift ideas for Mom. You get our drift. In addition to providing a source of enticing fragrances (or anything else you may want to store in the top half of the box), you also get the hidden compartment underneath. We suggest potpourri or powder so the shallow bottom of the top box half, is not visible. This reinforces the illusion that that's all of it; that it's just a regular little box holding good smells. And in addition to these terrific features, the box is also pretty and comes in a variety of styles, as well as sizes.


Paper Shelves

Yes, you really are looking at a shelf--one that also uses recycling as an integral part of its design. The shelf shown here contains three 3 1/2" cut outs, sized to hold a plastic cup 3 1/2" in diameter and up to 2 1/2" deep. This particular shelf was sized to accommodate a Chobani Greek Yogurt cup; three of them, actually. As indicated, the first cup holds adhesive "dots;" the second, buttons; and the third, a storage space for ribbon and string remnants.

These shelves are held securely in place with Command Poster Strips.* Although the maximum length for one shelf is 11 1/2" and the maximum depth is 4". Individual shelves may be placed side-by-side to create a long shelf. An advantage of this strategy is that individual shelves may have different size holes for different sized containers. As noted, the Chobani Greek Yogurt holes are 3 1/2" in diameter whereas Delmonte and other fruit cups are 2 1/2" (approximately) in diameter and 1 3/4"deep.

Shelves may also be flat without holes so that light objects may be placed upon them. Two-sided removable tape could be used to prevent items placed on them from slipping off. Since the Command Poster Strips come off easily without damaging walls, a "sticky shelf" could serve as an effective way to display holiday decorations, including cards.